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30 May '20

Caring for my natural hair after taking down my sew-in

Posted by Paris Evans

Natural Hair Care: Enjoy The Freedom During of Natural Hair

Caring for my natural hair after taking down my sew-in

 Are you feeling unsafe even after the mandatory stay at home order has been lifted? Has COVID-19 caused you to change your entire life and hair routine? Did you take down your sew-in recently and can't book an install because your stylist is quarantining or just not accepting appointments due to COVID? Are you now trying to figure out how to care for your beautiful natural hair while taking a break from your Premium Hair-N-Paris bundles? If you are still reading and you answered yes to all of the questions, than you’ve come to the right blog. You don’t have to be afraid to rock your natural hair because this blog is going to help you keep beautiful hair without chemicals. We all love our Hair-N-Paris bundles, but it is uncertain times like this that allow us to realize how liberating it feels to go natural. 

Let be honest, it’s 2020 and we’ve all wised up. We’re are now 100% aware that those chemicals we would use to straighten our natural curls are unhealthy and outdated. Now that we are forced to realize a new reality as black and brown people we are empowered and feeling free to express ourselves. We have found the beauty in embracing our roots and picking out the afro with laid edges or rocking a twistout style. In this blog I will help you manage beautiful soft natural hair without adding chemical, in four easy to do steps.

Step One: (After you completely taking down your install and braids). Remember to remove any loose strings or knots. As a friendly reminder do not comb out the tangles while the hair is dry. Calmly detangle your dry hair with your fingers to avoid breakage. 

Step Two: Apply conditioner, this can be leave in or rinse out. Yes, that's right! You're applying conditioner prior to detangling or washing your hair. Applying conditioner prior to detangling your hair will save time and makes the process easier preventing the lose of excess hair. If you have a detangling hair brush handy that would help by enhancing the process. Start by brushing from the ends of your hair to the root to detangle after applying your favorite conditioner. Remember we are still not using a comb, make sure to use a detangling brush or just a regular hair brush.

Step Three: Allow the conditioner to sit for about ten to 15 minutes after detangling is completed. After the allotted time gently detangle your hair with your fingers or a large tooth comb and lightly rinse. Now you can proceed to wash and condition your hair as normal.

Step Four: After rinsing and washing your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditionor, towel dry and follow the L.O.C moisturizing method. The L.O.C stands for (Leave-in-conditioner, Oil, and moisturizing Cream). This is where you apply leave in conditioner, oil your scalp with coconut oil, and add light weight moisturizing cream to your hair. After each moisturizing application you should comb through evenly from the ends of your hair to the root.

Now that your hair has been been moisturized you are ready to style. I would suggest a protective hair style such as a twistout to maintain the moisture. After a day or two take down the twist and you are lift with a beautiful moisturized wavy look. Now you can really enjoy your natural look. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and learn with me. If you have any questions please comment or email me at Sales@hairnparis.com. When you are ready to go back to rocking your bundles visit us at www.hairNparis.com to checkout and purchase our Premium hair deals. 



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