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23 Sep '19

Hair Bundles Payment Plan - QuadPay

Hair Bundles Payment Plan - QuadPay

Are you short on cash and in dire need of high-quality hair bundles? Hair-N-Paris has the solution to solve your hair and money needs. No more worrying, because you can get amazing hair bundles now and with only 25% down today. We have made buying luxury hair extensions super simple without breaking the bank, by adding QuadPay (4 equal installment payments)  to our store's checkout page. Spend as little as $100 on bundles and split the cost. You could even spend as much as $1000 mixing and matching bundles, frontals, and closures and still split the cost in 4 equal installments. No matter what your human hair needs are, you can still get your Hair-N-Paris bundles now for only 25% down today. 

Hair-N-Paris wants to ensure that everyone receives the fabulous hair they deserve. So, you can get your hair at a 4th of the cost and NO INTEREST EVER. That's right, an interest-free payment plan for human virgin hair bundles.

How using QuadPay payment option works.

The payment option is called QuadPay. This new payment option is available at Hair-N-Paris so our customers can buy now and pay later for high-quality hair extensions. The hair now pay later payment option with QuadPay is available to customers with no interest fees added. Simply select the hair you want to buy now and pay later for. Add the items to your shopping cart. Select the QuadPay payment option, which allows you to pay only 25% today and the remainder over time. Accept the QuadPay payment terms and conditions. Once approved, complete your purchase and your bundles will be shipped within 3 days. 

07 May '19

Wavy Hair For This Summer

Wavy Hair For This Summer

The days are starting to really heat up and the extra sweat is beginning to drip from your forehead. Are you wondering what extensions are best when installing a sew-in during the summer months? For those of you who are new to sew-ins, a sew-in is when your natural hair is braided, and your extensions or hair bundles are installed over the braids. The wefts or track of the hair bundles is aligned and sewn against the braids. If you’re wearing a sew-in during the summer when you sweat the moisture starts at the root of your hair, where your braids are located. Meaning during the summer months you will need to wash and shampoo the sew-in more often, (twice per week).

On this blog post, I will be informing you on what hair extensions I believe are best for the upcoming hottest months. Normally during the summer, I rock a texture of hair that can handle extra moisture when it’s hot. By choosing the right texture of hair during the summer, you can enjoy all the outdoor activities without your weave looking a dreaded mess.

Please be advised that I will only be providing information that relates to Hair-N-Paris Premium hair bundles which is the hair I currently wear, and I know that the quality of hair is great. The information provided in this blog has been tested during my personal experiences.

I am a person that rocks my weave year around, other than the resting period between sew-ins. I have spent plenty of summers with different hair textures during the summer. Honestly, straight hair is the worst hair for the summer simply because I live in Houston, Texas where the weather is extremely hot and humid. There is nothing worse than to flat iron your hair perfectly and the moment you walk outside you begin to sweat. The weather I'm used to in Houston knows to attack your hair first. My experience with straight hair during the summer has not been great. Humidity is the worst on straight hair during the summer. My advice if you are going to wear extensions during the summer choose a curl or wavy texture of hair. My favorite is Premium Body Wave because I can go from the pool to lunch and my hair would still look good. Premium Body Wave hair will give you the ability to be versatile. It’s easy to straighten, curl and even easier to obtain your wavy look by just adding a little moisture. Although I prefer Premium Body Wave hair, the best hair texture for the summer is Premium Deep Wave. Sweating or humid hot weather would not interfere with the styling of Hair-N-Paris’ Premium Deep Wave bundles or closures. Premium Deep Wave hair is by far the best extensions for summer outdoor and water activities. I did notice that my Deep Wave hair was much more manageable after water activities if I put my weave in a single braid before swimming, this is optional. As a reminder, if you are reading this blog and did not purchase your bundles from Hair-N-Paris make sure that you are buying unprocessed hair to ensure you hair weave does not become a tangled mess after sweating or swimming. Just FYI all of the Hair-N-Paris Premium bundles are unprocessed, tangle, and shed free.  

So, if you're still reading you are well informed about summer weaves and ready to make a big splash and look great while doing so. Have fun and enjoy your summer. If you have any questions, please comment below and thanks for reading.

Visit us at www.hairnparis.com 

23 Oct '18

Sexy Halloween Hair Idea

Sexy Halloween Hair Idea

Stunning Halloween Hair Idea💋

Hair-N-Paris Hair Color Ideas






Halloween is right around the corner and the frantic search for a sexy hairstyle has begun. This Halloween, burgundy hair color is extremely trendy. This is an easy Halloween hairstyle that looks great on long or short hair. This hairstyle works perfectly with Hair-N-Paris Premium Bundles. Below I will be covering how to dye your hair in a few simple steps. 

What you need to achieve this sexy look 

  1. Most importantly Hair-N-Paris Premium Bundles
  2. Your choice of burgundy hair dye (Ex: Hi Color hi-lights - 2 or 3 tubes)
  3. 40V Developer
  4. Mixing bowl
  5. Application Dye comb (optional)
  6. Gloves (optional)
Instructions: Add your desired hair color and 1/2 cup of developer in a mixing bowl, mix the two ingredients well. Using the application brush or gloved hands apply dye mixture evenly throughout hair bundles, starting from the bottom of the hair working your way to the top. Allow the dye to stay on the hair 10 to 15 minutes or until you have achieved the desired color. Rise the dye out completely, dry the style your hair. That's it, you've just achieved a simple Halloween hairstyle.
To purchase premium quality hair bundles and to get great hair tips visit www.hairnparis.com or contact us by email at sales@hairnparis.com
15 Sep '18

How To Cure An Itchy Scalp While Wearing A Sew-In


Do you find yourself with a plastic fork or the end of a rattail comb scratching away at the braids under your sew-in? Drop the fork, and walk away. You may be causing more harm to your already irritated scalp. Don’t scratch with anything that will irritate your scalp more than it already is. With every harsh scratch, your scalp can get scabs causing damage and hair loss. The irritation or itch occurs because you generally don’t wash your hair as much while wearing weave or extensions. It might seem as if your scalp itches more than usual a week or so after adding hair extensions. Here is a harmless way to soothe your irritated or itchy scalp quickly, without disrupting your braids. Using a clean bottle with a nozzle attachment apply liquid hair oil directly to your scalp or try Dark n Lovely's scalp soother. It is also good to apply oil to your braids after washing and drying your hair. If you have questions or would like me to blog about a hair issue you are currently having, please leave your questions in the contact form on hairnparis.com

18 Aug '18

DIY Leave-In-Conditioner To Help Maintain Your Sew-in’s Freshness

DIY Leave-In-Conditioner To Help Maintain Your Sew-in’s Freshness

The most important product that I use on my hair, as well as my sew-in, is leave-in conditioner.  There are so many reasons for using leave-in conditioners that benefits the health of your hair. Leave-in conditioner, it's great for detangling hair and it continues to condition the hair after applying to your hair. Leave-in conditioner is great for refreshing your sew-in between washes and it's an awesome form of moisture, which keeps the hair smooth and smelling nice. It also contains protein to strengthen the hair which is extremely important for hair growth. I can go on FOREVER listing why leave-in conditioner should be your BFF. BUT…. I would rather teach you how to make it so you save a few bucks. The best leave-in conditioner is DIY, do it yourself. Since buying conditioner is something I do on a regular basis to go along with my shampoo. Why not just make the leave-in conditioner and save money?  I have three daughters and I go through leave-in conditioner like crazy because it is also the number one product that I apply to my girl's hair as well as my own. My husband even uses the leave-in conditioner on his beard, which leaves it smelling amazing. So since I go through a bottle of leave-in conditioner five times faster than the next person, I decided to learn how to make my own leave-in conditioner. Plus I can control the ingredients that I add to make my leave-in conditioner which makes it more natural and safer for my family. It is always best to know exactly what is in the products you are using, so that is another reason I love this method.

First, take some time to think about, what your hair needs and add the ingredient that helps with that issue to your leave in conditioner. Try not to go overboard with the ingredients that you add, just to keep things simple starting out. Do some research to become aware of what mineral help with different side effects before you begin your mixture. Once you get a feel for making the product and your comfortable you can start going more in-depth with what you add. To give an example, if you deal with dry hair or itchy scalp add a little liquid based oil to your mixture of ingredients, you could even add lemon juice that will help lighten the hair. However, for this blog, we will only use basic ingredients to make our DIY leave-in conditioner. 


Basic Materials You Will Need For Making DIY Leave-In Conditioner

  • 6oz Spray Bottle
  • Distilled Bottled Water
  • Your Favorit Conditioner
  • Coconut oil (liquid or melted) 

Using your spray bottle mix about 2 to 3 tablespoons of your favorite conditioner. Next, add about 3 ounces of distilled water, this step is because you want to dilute the conditioner so that you no longer need to rise your hair. This method is what makes your regular rinse out conditioner a leave-in conditioner.

Now,  add about 1 ounce of coconut oil, which helps with faster hair growth and dryness. I use coconut oil because it is a natural way to help your hair grow thicker, longer, and faster.  The essential fatty acids and vitamins naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove build-up. I also add Vitamin E because it is an antioxidant that helps repair and build tissue. This step is completely optional so I didn't include Vitamin E as part of the materials needed, which is something that is added to my leave-in conditioner mixture. Applying vitamin E will help repair damage and encourage hair growth, as well as apply shine. Make sure to shake the ingredients well so they mix together.

Now that you have your conditioner all mix and ready, apply to your natural hair as well as your sew-in bundles. Remember if your detangling your hair, spray on the leave-in conditioner and begin to detangle starting at the end of your hair. If you have questions please comment below. You may also read more hair tips by visiting my blog located at https://hairnparis.com/blogs/news. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy your homemade leave-in conditioner as much as I do.


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