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10 Sep '17

How Many Hair Bundles Do I Need To Buy?

Posted by Paris Evans

For ANYONE who has ever purchased hair bundles before, you always have that nagging question on your brain. "How many bundles do I need to buy"? Well, worry no more because in this blog I will give you a quick and easy breakdown of how many bundles to purchase from Hair-N-Paris to ensure you slay your sew-in. First, there are four basic questions you need to answer before buying your Hair-N-Paris Premium Bundles. How full do you want your hair? Are you using a closure (If yes, what type)? What length of Premium bundles are you buying from Hair-N-Paris? What texture of Premium hair bundles are you using?

 Are you looking for the beautiful super full Beyonce style or do you want to tone it down a bit? If you want to achieve a thicker fuller look you need to ensure to purchase a net cap so that you are able to fit all your bundles into your sew-in. If you like the thinner natural look, you will be able to get away with not using a net cap. However, I suggest everyone use a net cap for a little extra protection. If you plan on using a closure or frontal that would also decrease the number of bundles you would need. See the Hair-N-Paris bundle graph to assist with how many bundles to purchase. Also, note that this graph is just general information for all Hair-N-Paris hair textures (straight, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, and kinky). It is possible that you will have hair left over, which could be used for your next sew-in. 

Something to always remember is that all bundles weigh the same (100 grams or 3.5oz). Shorter bundles (10 to 16 inches) will be thicker than longer length bundles (18 inches and up). When purchasing longer length bundles you will get less hair since bundles are measured by weight, and will require an additional bundle depending on how full you would like your hair. The Hair-N-Paris bundle graph shown in this blog is based off purchasing 18 to 30-inch bundles. If you are considering ordering 10 to 16 inches you might use a half bundle less than listed on the graph. I hope this blog helps and if you have any questions please comment or send emails to sales@hairnparis.com



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