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24 Jun '17

Transparent / Illusion Lace Frontal

Are you looking for information about Illusion Lace Frontals? Well, you've come to the right place. I will not only tell you what an Illusion Lace Frontal is, I will share with you why the Illusion Lace Frontal is the hottest new product in the human virgin hair market, I will also share where you can get your own great quality Premium Illusion Lace Frontal at an amazing price.

 Where can I Buy an Illusion / Transparent Lace Frontal?

What is an Illusion Lace Frontal?

What's so great about a Transparent / Illusion Lace Frontal? 

  • The transparent lace leaves room for beginner error. Not everyone can afford to have their hair professionally done. If you are a person who installs your own lace frontal, having clear lace can make trimming the lace much easier. Many of us are not great at trimming the lace after install and can sometimes leave too much lace on the frontal since the lace is clear it can be easily hidden and still have amazing baby hairs. 
  • Transparent Lace matches with any skin tone.
  • Since the lace of the Illusion Frontal is transparent you can get away with not plucking the frontal.

What is the difference between a Transparent / Illusion Lace Frontal and a Lace Frontal?

  • The color of the lace is the only thing that differs between an Illusion Lace Frontal also know as a Transparent Lace Frontal and a Lace Frontal. The Illusion Lace Frontal has a Translucent, see-through lace, while the Lace Frontal has a light, medium, or dark brown colored lace.

Premium Illusion Lace Frontal Premium Full Lace Frontal



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