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13 Apr '16

Washing Your Extensions and Your Hair

Posted by Paris Evans in Blog, Sew-In, Washing Extension, Weave, Weave 101

While wearing a weave you can’t wash your hair like you normally do. You want to ensure that you care for your extensions as well as your natural hair. First, we will cover washing the braids under which the weave is sewn to. Washing your natural hair while wearing weave is easier if you use a bottle with a nozzle attachment. Add your favorite sulfate-free shampoo and mix with water, you could also do this with conditioner as well. With the nozzle attached to a bottle you can get the shampoo mix into all the different crevices and in-between your braids. After applying the solution to your braids that are under the sew-in, lightly massage your scalp with your fingertips. Rinse and repeat at least twice. Okay! Know that you’ve washed your braids, time to focus on your extensions. Rather you have your weave parted in four section, 2 section, or not parted at all. It is very important that you apply your shampoo and smooth in one direction. A downward motion is best. Never do a front to back, back and forth motion, this causes extreme tangling. Rinse using the same downward motion.

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