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10 May '16

Drying Your Weave / Braids Underneath your Weave #Weave 101

Drying Your Weave / Braids Underneath your Weave #Weave 101


I’ve covered how to wash your weave and braids underneath in a previous blog, if you have any questions contact through my contact form on Hairnparis.com. If you take anything from this, make sure you focus on the braids underneath your weave and your weave is perfectly fine air drying. First, and for most, dry your hair completely when wearing a weave after washing it. When you wash your hair and your braids get wet underneath, if your braids do not dry completely, your hair will begin to have a mildew like smell. Ladies, this is not a good look. You cannot have your hair blowing in the wind smelling like mildew. Sitting under a dryer and letting your hair completely dry will combat that scary smell. Like most people who wash their weave, but who cannot afford to see your hair stylist every week or bi-weekly, please follow this steps.

  • Detangle your hair / weave using your fingers or large detangling brush (avoid harshly pulling on your wet hair)
  • Using your fingers part your weave following along the track, starting at the lower back of your head.
  • Using a hand held blow dryer, but not touching the dryer directly to your hair. Blow directing the heat towards your braids / track.
  • Complete these steps until you have dried your braids.
31 Mar '16

Picking Your Extensions / Weave

The most important thing about picking your extension or weave, starts with the selection. If you’re a weave newbie, you will want to go for a texture that mimics your own hair. It will make adjusting to your new style easier. Also, you will want to go with extensions that last a minimum of six week (hint virgin hair). To avoid scalp irritation, tangling, and shedding 100% virgin human hair is your best bet. Make sure you pick great quality hair that can give you the results you’re looking for. Buying high quality hair is an investment, a very stylish investment. Good Luck and enjoy your new weave!