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24 May '16

Keeping Your Weave Looking Flawless

Posted by Paris Evans

So you just got your first sew-in, but how do you keep it looking flawless? Five basic steps will help you keep your weave looking great as well as save you money. As always I want to keep this short, easy and straight to the point. If you have questions please comment, like or contact me directly using the contact form at hairnparis.com.

1. ALWAYS WRAP YOUR HAIR AT NIGHT - Wrapping your weave at night with a silk head wrap helps keep your hair protected. Ensure to wrap the ends as well to avoid the harsh / rough ends that are tangled.

2. US HEAT PROTECTIVE SPRAY - Simply applying heat protective spray to your weave before straightening or curling will keep your weave from looking worn down as well as protect your ends from getting frizzy.

3. PURCHASE A WIDE TOOTH COMB - Detangling your hair with a wide tooth comb will help prevent shedding and breakage. Also avoid pulling or combing your weave while wet, detangle before washing your hair.

4. CONDITIONER IS YOUR VERY BEST FRIEND - It is very important that you condition your hair. I would suggest that you precondition allowing it to sit for 10 minutes before shampooing your weave.

5. INVEST IN GOOD QUALITY HAIR - Good quality human virgin hair is always your best bet. If your are purchasing good human hair, depending on how well you care for your hair you will be able to reuse your weave. Being able to reuse your weave is a great deal!!! Find amazing quality hair for a great price at Hairnparis.com

10 May '16

Drying Your Weave / Braids Underneath your Weave #Weave 101

Drying Your Weave / Braids Underneath your Weave #Weave 101


I’ve covered how to wash your weave and braids underneath in a previous blog, if you have any questions contact through my contact form on Hairnparis.com. If you take anything from this, make sure you focus on the braids underneath your weave and your weave is perfectly fine air drying. First, and for most, dry your hair completely when wearing a weave after washing it. When you wash your hair and your braids get wet underneath, if your braids do not dry completely, your hair will begin to have a mildew like smell. Ladies, this is not a good look. You cannot have your hair blowing in the wind smelling like mildew. Sitting under a dryer and letting your hair completely dry will combat that scary smell. Like most people who wash their weave, but who cannot afford to see your hair stylist every week or bi-weekly, please follow this steps.

  • Detangle your hair / weave using your fingers or large detangling brush (avoid harshly pulling on your wet hair)
  • Using your fingers part your weave following along the track, starting at the lower back of your head.
  • Using a hand held blow dryer, but not touching the dryer directly to your hair. Blow directing the heat towards your braids / track.
  • Complete these steps until you have dried your braids.
13 Apr '16

Washing Your Extensions and Your Hair

Posted by Paris Evans in Blog, Sew-In, Washing Extension, Weave, Weave 101

While wearing a weave you can’t wash your hair like you normally do. You want to ensure that you care for your extensions as well as your natural hair. First, we will cover washing the braids under which the weave is sewn to. Washing your natural hair while wearing weave is easier if you use a bottle with a nozzle attachment. Add your favorite sulfate-free shampoo and mix with water, you could also do this with conditioner as well. With the nozzle attached to a bottle you can get the shampoo mix into all the different crevices and in-between your braids. After applying the solution to your braids that are under the sew-in, lightly massage your scalp with your fingertips. Rinse and repeat at least twice. Okay! Know that you’ve washed your braids, time to focus on your extensions. Rather you have your weave parted in four section, 2 section, or not parted at all. It is very important that you apply your shampoo and smooth in one direction. A downward motion is best. Never do a front to back, back and forth motion, this causes extreme tangling. Rinse using the same downward motion.